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  • Knowing the beam angle of a light bulb helps to ensure that you’re buying a product which will give you adequate lighting in a particular application.

    Light bulbs are often referred to as ‘spotlights’ or ‘floodlights’, and while these terms do relate to beam angle, they still leave some ambiguity due to the wide variation of bulbs that fall into each particular category. For instance, one floodlight bulb may have a beam angle of 30° while another may have a beam angle of 75°. Quite a difference! Beam angle specifically refers to the angle at which the light output has been reduced to 50% of the maximum center beam brightness.

    For instance, let’s say a PAR30 LED light bulb has a center beam candlepower measurement of 800. If at 30° to one side of the beam the candlepower has dropped to 400 then we know that the beam angle is 60° (see diagram below). It’s best to buy spotlight bulbs when trying to highlight a particular object or concentrate light in a smaller area. Use floodlight bulbs when trying to achieve more general illumination, such as in recessed down lighting.

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